• Integrated solutions for autonomous perimeter protection

    SpiderWatch Security Alarm System.

    The system is based on the use of seismic acoustic sensors installed along the perimeter, detecting ground motions caused by intruders at distances from 100 to 300 m

  • Integrated solutions for autonomous perimeter protection

    SpiderWatch Security Alarm System"

    Completely wireless. It can be deployed on any territory, with minimal involvement of human resources, requires no infrastructure, cabling and expensive accessories

  • Integrated solutions for autonomous protection of the perimeter

    SpiderWatch Security Alarm System

    System of  early warning. Designed for protection of military bases, premises of strategic importance, pipelines etc..

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SpiderWatch - mobile, quick-to-deploy, autonomous, wireless security alarm system designed for protection of perimeters. Its operating principle is based on the extensive use of seismic acoustic sensors in conjunction with other means of surveillance


  • 11/04/2016 - 18:41
    New modifications were developed for Vibration Guard and Watch Dog. The size of Vibro has been significantly reduced as well as power consumption. Now battery is an external power pack that can be easily replaced. Battery packs...
  • 06/30/2016 - 12:24
    Our company has been awarded the tender and has concluded the contract for supply of Spiderwatch systems to State Border Service of Republic of Belarus. 

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  • Autonomous for months

  • No cabling and external power supply required

  • The system can be deployed at a distance of up to 5 kilometers from a control point

  • Deployable in any unprepared terrain within 2 hours

Tresspassers are detected before they trespass!


  • When an intruder approaches the perimeter, the ground vibration produced is detected by Vibration Guard module
  • The firmware of Vibration Guard processes the seismogram of the signal and identifies it as false or true alarm.
  • Alarm signal and, if necessary, the seismogram is transmitted from Vibration Guard to Spider Base and mobile Watch Dog unit
  • The alarm is displayed on Watch Dog and Spider monitors indicating a sector of trespassing .
  • If an additional camera unit is installed, the Spider Base and Watch Dog can receive photographic confirmation of the alarm